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Electroplating is the surface treatment technology with electrochemical process where produce the metal coating parts to make them shiny, more attractive, greatest durability and keep parts to prevent from rust and corrosion.

Electroplating technique will be used an electrochemical process by which metal is deposited on a substrate by passing a current through the plating baths, these process known as "oxidation-reduction reactions" applied to a solid parts substrate, which needs an electrolyte solution that is made by a molten salt solution of desired metal, containing both positive, and negative ions. Electrolyte solutions are mostly formed made by a salt is placed into a solvent such as water.

For electroplating process, two electrodes are required; a cathode (Working Electrode) and anode (Counter Electrode). To start the electroplating process, the electrodes are connected to a power source where the anode is connected with the positive terminal and the cathode is connected with the negative terminal of the battery. As the current is applied, positive metal ions from the solution are attracted to the negatively charged cathode and deposit on the cathode. As a replenishment for these deposited ions, the metal from the anode is dissolved and goes into the solution and balances the ionic potential.

At SGM, we have electroplating process that propose the most suitable technology to the superior parts of customer with the “Nickel-Chromium Electroplating” manufacturing by high-standard technology from japan, which electroplating equipment and selective processes with advance technology can be supports a very large volumes to delivers higher quality components in various industry, such as automotive, industrial machines, construction machinery and home electrical appliances.
Additionally, for ensure the best possible performance that can bring to customer requires, we monitoring each stage of production to plating bath and run tests finish part at laboratory with various standard testing method such as couloscope measurement, salt spray testing and environmental resistance, under highly reliable management with a focus on quality assurance as the final step in the entire process, to improves the surface quality of superior parts that can increase parts performance including excellent corrosion resistance, thermal resistance, mechanical properties and other efficiency purposes.

Unique Technique Manufacturing


Process Overview

Our Unique Technique Manufacturing
Point 1 4 layers plating ensure increase parts performance to superior quality products.

Our nickel-chromium electroplating process consists of 4 layers plating, that first 3 layers of which are nickel and the last layers covered by chromium. With our high standard technology to can ensure increase parts performance to superior quality products.

Point 2 Protecting your part to work better with last longer

With unique Electroplating technique, the uniformity and smoothness of the specializing plating that leaves surface of part is no room for moisture and other elements to get through, protecting and helping parts to work better with last longer.

Point 3 Environmentally friendly manufacturing

Environmentally friendly manufacturing with suitable processing by promote the environmentally friendly system and contributed to environment protection through a perfect water treatment system such as Modern RO System to reuse water in plating process, also treating wastewater to meet the standards before drained into the community.

Point 4 Quality and environmental certifications with international standard

Certified for the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management systems. In combination with already acquires IATF 16949-quality management system, which providing our manufacturing commitment to completed achievement of both quality and environmental certifications.

Our Equipment
Electro Plating (Nickel, Chrome) 2 Lines

Using specialized industrial electroplating processes by eco-friendly for improve the performance manufacturing to provide the right solutions and offer

Based on our profound know-how of the industry, we offer specializing in “Nickel-Chromium Electroplating” technique through an uncompromising commitment to superior quality according to the international standardization organization with reliable, consistent results, responsive, and cost-effective services, ensure complete customer satisfaction for a wide range of applications, which a depending on customer’s specifications.
Process Overview
■ The most advance technology from Japan in nickel-chromium electroplating.
■ The 1 Line is capable of plating 7 million dm2 pre month
■ the 2 Line is capable of plating 3 million dm2 pre month.
■ The plating process consists of 4 layers to ensure high quality
■ To improves the surface quality of superior parts that can increase parts performance in various industry
■ With advance technology can be supports a very large volumes.