Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Aiming to be World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.
World's Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.

Research and Development

Research and development is the first stage of development of the product development process. The goal is typically to take the new products to market, involve the development of value-added cost-effective to create a business advantage, by strives innovate and unlock new possibilities to products and services, which consists of engineering activities that starts with design along with manufacturing-related improvements in existing methods or processes, or wholly new processes, machines or systems.

The Globalization in Business trending to changing customer satisfaction, in order to keep up with evolving demands while considering the new ideals by our customers. For this reason, we also striving actively conduct research & development to develop products that create new values and deliveries globally expanding customer.
SGM established Siam Goshi R&D Center in 2014, we continuously strives to create a research organization that maintains improves quality and develops manufacturing process to build value engineering into the new products of customer with latest technologies and engineering activities in automotive industry. Our Value Analysis/ Value Engineering is focus on identifies areas which high costs to customers business and helps to eliminate them. The core of our services is the concept of “Monozukuri” to use the Value Analysis/ Value Engineering technique for creative problem solving that promotes the development of value-added cost-effective solutions, responding fully to customer needs.
The global expert team at SGM, which works with the parent company’s HQ in japan, relentlessly continue research and development activities for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Unique Technique Manufacturing


Process Overview

Our Unique Technique Manufacturing
Point 1 Global perspective with international standard for globally customer.

By the efficiency of business operations on a global perspective with the group of companies (GOSHI Group), set high international standard to our engineering technique, which can be provided offers expertise of develop products respond to various needs all globally customer.

Point 2 A one-stop service by in-house operations.

Siam Goshi R&D Center consists of a full range of engineering disciplinary and advanced facilities with state-of-the-art. Able to support comprehensive product development of customers in a one-stop service by in-house operations, which will help opens the door to cost reduction with a customers need.

Point 3 VA/VE technique to reduce the time-to-market of customers

Apart from costs advantage, our VA/VE with unique differentiators able to help reduce the time-to-market of customers' products, which customer can be response faster to market changes and always be one-step ahead of competitors.

Our Equipment
CATIA V5 Software 1
AUTO FORM (CAE) Software 1
FARO Laser Scan Arm 3
Chassis Dynamos 1
Die Spot Machine 200T 1
Drilling Machine 1
CNC Milling Machine 1
Lathe Machine 1
Grinding Machine 1
Machining Center 2
Rolling Machine 1
Shearing Machine 1
3D Laser Machine 1
ZAS Melting Machine 1
Chin Water Cooled Chiller Machine 1

Striving by "Monozukuri" way with VA/VE technique for development of value-added products able to cost-effective solutions.

Our R&D Center serving flexibly to support customers for new product development, enhancement quality of existing products and cost reduction through the latest technologies and expertise engineering activities, which starts based on the design development process from proposal to specialized productivity with manufacturing technology.
Process Overview
■ The global expert team at SGM, which works with the parent company, relentlessly continue R&D activities for today, tomorrow, and the future.
■ Utilize the ZAS die casting technology for Prototyping in short delivery time.
■ Quickly and accurately carry out a variety of tasks with Machining Center Technology
■ In-house Die Making for cost reduction
■ Beautiful cut and high quality with Laser Cutting Machine.
■ Increase production efficiency with latest technologies.
■ Supports small lots production of prototype products.
■ High measurement equipment to meet customer requirements.
■ Use the VA/VE technique for creative problem solving that promotes the development of value-added cost-effective solutions.