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Wheel Rim Line

Wheel Rim Line is a design of forming process in manufacturing with production process arrangement of the steel wheel rim line is based-on multi-step process. Started from feeding the wheel rim coiler to roll forming of steel allows the formed rims to meet the design requirements for diameter, then joint connected by flash butt welding process, to punching valve/spoke holes and wheel rim assembly line to resulting in a complete wheel.

At SGM, we are the steel wheel rim manufacturer with original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) part and aftermarket part for the motorcycle rim wheels, our advanced engineering capabilities allow us to deliver all demand to our customer both regional and worldwide.
Our steel wheel rim manufacturing line produce by semi-automatic consists of a wide range of wheel machinery for develop unique wheel production techniques and integrated manufacturing to a one-stop service with superior surface finishes by coating surface treatment for toughest corrosion resistant, that response to customers meet effective with save time, reduce costs and support excellent production rates by mass production.

Unique Technique Manufacturing


Process Overview

Our Unique Technique Manufacturing
Point 1 Productivity by state-of-the-art manufacturing

Our manufacturing with state-of-the-art provides it possible can be various the superior appearance includes: Nickel-Chromium plating, painting and PVD Coating to product value-added.

Point 2 Designed compatible with the wheel rim standard

The steel wheel rim manufacturing line can be designed compatible based on the wheel rim with a diameter of 14 to 17 inches, and a thickness of ___mm.

Our Equipment
Rim Wheel Formin Machine 2 Line

Deliver completed wheels with state-of-the-art of Steel Wheel Rim manufacturing

Advanced production line of motorcycle wheels with integrated manufacturing for one-stop service to providing a completed wheel, serve all demand to our customer both regional and worldwide.
Process Overview
Forming a steel wheel to seam-weld and to cut to a correct size by automatic machines.
Weld according to the rim size with flash butt welding.
Buffing Inner the rim for smoothness and beauty.
Assembling the spokes to the rim by expert technician.
Unique technology for fastening the spokes to the wheel.
Assembling the finish steel rim into the rubber wheel.