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Services : Prototyping

Siam Goshi, we have extensive specialize prototyping in automotive prototyping and parts manufacturing as a complete service, which allows us to offer high-quality manufacturing services for custom prototypes and production parts for launch products faster, reduce risks, and streamline production processes with on-demand production at competitive prices.

Prototype Technologies

Prototyping is part of the design verification process in automotive product development. The process of verifying the possibility that the product will be able to solve the necessary problems for visualizes the design idea before mass production.

A functional prototype is a sample or model of a product, created to test a concept or process act as a visual prototype to be operate replicated, helps the engineers examine the product part’s performance against multiple prototyping versions of a product to be test at the same time, which used in product development to improve new designs for the user, its gives the real feeling, appearances, images, and function of a specific parts in the real world.

For case, the user feedback about the prototype is negative customer can save considerable amounts of time period and cost to creating new products that are not practical. On the contrary, positive feedback to be shows that the product concept is on point and able to help the advanced product development. In addition, the prototype can be either for display or functional one.

SGM, we excel in various manufacturing techniques for plays a role at functional prototyping of automotive mechanical components with advanced machining equipment and flexible production methods. This will bring your designs to life quickly with work together throughout every step of the automotive design and development process, to help you get realistic feedback on performance and data in rigorous test scenarios, and help prove and refine superior designs.

Our Services

Automotive Prototyping & Manufacturing.

Launch Products

Debut a new product to the market and make that product generally available for mass production, also helps build anticipation, gather valuable feedback from early users to ensure your launch is a success by having the right strategy in place.

Exhibit Prototyping

The part of a show sample at an exhibition, to show the audience the appearance, function and performance of showcasing prototype parts, also used to create marketing materials, such as brochures and commercials.

Low-volume production with integrated in-house manufacturing technologies to be a one-stop service

Our prototype technicians have experience in producing highly accurate prototypes through engineering activities and using the integrated manufacturing technologies with a one-stop service by in-house operations, including die making, die stamping, laser cutting, pipe bending, forming technology, surface treatment technology, assembly, measurement arm technology, that offers variety of prototype with high quality and able lead-times for produces to a minimum with fixture, part design, and prototype builds.