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Services : Surface Treatment

Siam Goshi uses a varius of unique surface treatment technologies to provide high added value parts for automotive industry , also our manufacturing process can help the automotive parts to lower costs by reducing maintenance requirements and ensuring protection against corrosive influences to improve the service life and efficiency of the parts.

Surface Treatment Technologies

Surface treatment is a necessary step in the manufacturing process of many products, it has been effectively and widely applied in automotive industry. It aims to improve the surface of a material can be improved to make it more suitable for a specific application and provide protect products, especially made out of metal, from rust, corrosion, also to prolong the product’s lifetime.

The most common of high-level surface treatments process are painting, and plating. Painting is the process of applying a layer of paint to a surface. Plating is the process of coating a metal with another metal or a thin film of material.

SGM, we are a specialist in the field of surface treatment manufacturing, offering products perfected for multiple applications and offer high level of quality ensures processes are secure and reliable.

We exist to evolutione inventive manufacturing process in the development of innovative and completely unique surface treatment technologies including, extreme heat resistant coatings and other such cutting edge highly functional technologies to fulfill the challenge requirements of our customers.

Surface treatments can be done through various methods, each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so at SGM, a variety of unique surface treatment technologies are used. Which selects the production process that takes into account the improvement of parts to have high added value and using technology that are suitable for products.

Our Services

We specialize in various types of surface treatment process with professionals in technical and service to apply design the appropriate technology to exact specifications for fulfill all customer requirements.


The pre-surface treatment process by technique smoothing a metal part surface to reflective surface using an abrasive wheel to remove scratches, coatings and oxides while keep the surface in excellent conditions for coating deterring corrosion to next the plating process.
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One of the pre-surface treatment process to used for smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds, similar to using sandpaper but provides a more even finish with no problems at corners or crannies with a distinct superior surface.
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Process of metallic part coatings by plating films on subject metal surfaces submerged in solutions containing ions by utilizing electrical reduction effects. Electoplating is employed in a wide variety of fields in automotive parts for ornamental plating, anti-corrosive plating and functional plating.
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Coloring sprayed process onto surfaces by electrostatic painting method to coating metal surface by various shades of colors paint that applied to metal to used for surface decorations, anti-rusting and anti-corrosion with suitable processing by promote the environmentally friendly system.
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Coating process onto surfaces metal by an electrical conductor via the use of electricity, used in various industry to apply the metal coating parts. For automotive industry, it has been widely used to protect the materials from corrosive forces, weather resistance performance and rust prevention.
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Expert with Various Surface Treatment Technologies

Improves the superior product with surface treatment for rust preventive and heat treatment which have focusing in environmental-friendly technology to be able to fully response to customer requirements.