Siam Goshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Aiming to be World’s Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.
World's Best Manufacturer of Exhaust and Body Parts for Motorcycles.


"Siam Goshi", We are a one company that is part of the GOSHI Group (Japan), maintaining a global viewpoint with abundant creative talent and provide superior the manufacturing technique and keeps users around the world riding happily.

1993 Recieve BOI Privilege for Motorcycle ZCapital : 60 Million bath)
1994 › Establish Factory 1 for : Rim forming, Welding, Pressing, Buffing Process Factory 2 for : Plating line-1, CKD Packing Process.
› Start Deliver Parts of Motorcycle to "HONDA".
1995 Grand opening ceremony.
1996 › Establish Factory 3 for : Plating line-2, increase Press Machine 300 Ton and 400 Ton.
› Expanse Factory 2 for : Wheels assembly process.
1997 Increse Capital from 60 Million bath to 180 Million baht.
2003 › Expanse Factory 2 for : Plating line-3.
› Establish DIE Factory.
› Establish EDP line-1.
2004 Establish SGM Second Plant for : Catalyst process. (Start Mass Production from June 2005)
2011 › Plating line-3 removed and replace by New EDP line-2.
› Establish Asia coordinate Head office Jun 2011.
2012 › Establish New Model Office.
› Start Mass production Injection from September.
2014 Establish R&D Center Office 4 August 2014.